Your choice. Your money.

Kinesis re-introduces physical gold and silver as currencies that integrate with today’s online banking and payment solutions.

How it works

Sending money globally in seconds

Send gold and silver to friends, family and business partners simply & easily, within seconds

Low transaction costs

A fixed 0.45% transaction fee, and avoid added FX fees and commissions

Instant settlement

Global settlement times of just 3 seconds, 24/7


Payments made easy

Spend Kinesis digital currencies anywhere in the world with the Kinesis debit card.

Digital gold and silver

Transact in digital gold and silver at 46+ million locations.


Earn a reward on every transaction you make.

Cash withdrawal

Withdraw cash from ATMs around the world in the local currency.


The Kinesis Exchange.

An easy platform to buy, sell and manage your digital currency portfolio.

An easy platform to buy, sell and manage your digital currency portfolio.

Low fees

A small 0.22% trade execution fee

Manage your portfolio

Buy or sell your digital currencies, keep track of them all in one easy to use interface

Exchange 24/7

No matter the time or place, all you need is a phone and internet connection, we are open 24/7

How to send money with Kinesis


Create a FREE Kinesis Money account and complete ID verification


Deposit and convert your money into digital gold or silver on the Kinesis Exchange


Enter your recipient’s wallet address and hit send or top up your debit card and spend

Kinesis currencies


Kinesis currencies are created from physical gold and silver bullion, held in secure vaults across 7 locations around the world.

Combining gold and silver with the latest technological advances to provide real money that benefits you every time you send, spend or hold it.

Kinesis Velocity Token

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a digital token which rewards holders in line with the growth of the system.

Each time the Kinesis currencies are sent or spent, a transaction fee is applied. These fees are accumulated and 20% is proportionately distributed back to the KVT holders, paid monthly in real gold and silver.


Kinesis Gold (KAU)

1 KAU = 1 gram of gold

Kinesis Silver (KAG)

1 KAG = 1 ounce of silver

Fully audited vaults with the holder maintaining legal ownership at all times

Other supported currencies

Coming soon

Kinesis yields

Kinesis has developed a bespoke technology that rewards our users with physical gold and silver for life, on the very first cent they spend with us and everything after.

This is known as the Kinesis Yield System.



Refer a friend, bring on your employees or customers and receive a 7.5% share of their transaction fees for life, whenever they use Kinesis.

Our unique referral program rewards you for inviting others to experience the benefits of the Kinesis system with a passive monthly income.