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Kinesis’ mission is to build an open financial system for the world bypassing outdated banking infrastructure. Presenting a true alternative currency, based on the economic weight of physical gold and silver.

Cross border value:

Businesses today operate in a more globalised environment, with new innovations working towards making business borderless.

Companies are searching for faster, more cost-effective international remittance and payment solutions that can deliver efficiency and value.


Better payment solutions:

Kinesis’ payment infrastructure, based on gold and silver digital currencies, delivers superior value and efficiency to all companies who are looking to accept and use Kinesis as a method to pay suppliers and employees.

In creating a digital currency based on physical gold and silver, Kinesis have solved many of the problems that businesses face today: high fees, low transaction speeds, and poor auditablity.

API integration:

Merchants will have the ability to integrate simple APIs to accept customer payments, avoiding high merchant processing costs. Virtually eliminating any and all credit card bad debt and chargebacks.

Simple API integration with businesses, providing easy-to-use, intuitive payment services that start to earn Kinesis yields for your business, based on our global transactions.

The Kinesis Mint

The Kinesis Mint is where physical gold and silver bullion is converted into digital, creating Kinesis currencies, unlocking unlimited earning potential for your business.

Rewarded for payments

Every dollar ever Minted and spent earns you a monthly yield, paid in gold and silver.

Preserving capital value

Hold gold, not paper. Protect company capital and earn a yield for simply holding the currency.

New revenue streams

Create alternative income streams on routine payments to suppliers and staff.

Better business networks

Onboard and pay suppliers, employees and overheads to create your own network that earns a yield.


Case Study

A snapshot into how Kinesis is working to transform the Indonesian payments space


Integrate your business today.

Dedicated teams

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Bespoke development

Your business will be evaluated to see how we can best suit your needs.

Easy APIs

Provide support and technological API integration to develop your unique Kinesis gateway.

Secure and fully insured vault storage


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Questions & Answers

What are Kinesis currencies?

Kinesis makes it possible for a business to convert company capital into physical bullion, instantly.

Purchased physical bullion is stored across a network of vaults and digitally represented online using blockchain technology in divisions of Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) currencies.

Operating in Kinesis currencies locks the value of company capital into the stable value of gold, safeguarding capital from market instability.

  • Transfer funds across borders cheaply and easily, without worrying about exchange rates.
  • High transaction limits. No permission necessary for large transactions.
  • Set up business payment infrastructure with ease and simplicity.
  • Send large transactions across the world with a settlement time of 3-5 seconds.

Why use Kinesis gold and silver currencies?

  • The stable value of gold protects capital from market volatility.
  • The legal title of Kinesis gold is always with you, the owner – mitigating counterparty risk.
  • There is no debt attached to gold or Kinesis digital currencies.
  • Fully redeemable and universally accepted.
  • Avoid high FX fees
  • Instant settlement times and real time tracking

How easy is it to set up?

Business bank accounts often take weeks to set up.

With Kinesis opening a business account takes just minutes.

With Kinesis, there is no drawn-out application process for a special business account. No need to attend face-to-face meetings and develop personal relationships with banks.

Simply register through our ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) verification process. All we need to verify your identity is ID and proof of address and business details.

Simply log in to the platform and start converting your FIAT into Kinesis currencies today and start to reap the rewards.

How do I get my money out?

The Kinesis debit card

Our debit card lets you withdraw cash from ATMs around the world in your local currency, as well as spend at point of sale.

Kinesis Exchange

Convert your gold and silver back to FIAT for fast and easy withdrawal to a nominated bank account.

No limits sending to other wallets within your company or personal portfolio

There are no limits on sending both locally and internationally, with no maximum transaction limit.

Pay your employees

Use the Kinesis payment system to power your payroll, and benefit from our unique referral program. Companies receive a recurring, passive income from a 7.5% share of the transaction fees of every employee referred – for life.

There is no FX rate.

Traditional payments rely on FX rate, which usually involves a conversion fee and a suboptimal conversion rate. Kinesis eliminates this expense by using the price of gold as a base price.

Using a stable store of value, like gold and silver, bypasses all intermediaries taking a share of your transaction.

How do I know my gold is safe?


The gold and silver behind Kinesis digital currencies is stored in fully insured, world-class vaulting facilities across nine vaults in eight locations: Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Dubai, Zurich, New York and Liechtenstein. Learn more here.

How do I know my gold is there?


In accordance with the ABX Quality Assurance Framework (QAF), the gold and silver in our vaults is fully-audited through Inspectorate, a Bureau Veritas company, leading global physical commodity audit and inspection specialist.

These audits ensure we maintain a 1:1 allocation of gold and silver bullion to all our issued digital currencies.

Why the blockchain? Isn’t that for bitcoin?

Blockchain technology is the fastest, most secure, efficient and transparent method of sending and tracking funds globally.

Bitcoin operates on the blockchain, and is based on complex computer algorithms.

KAU and KAG operate on its own native Kinesis Blockchain Network, and is based 1:1 on allocated physical gold. One of the most stable stores of value the world has ever known.

How do I know I’m getting a good price for gold?

Gold and silver prices on the Kinesis Exchange are always competitive, with pricing determined by the lowest price across our extensive vaulting network, spanning eight countries

Bullion Exchange (ABX), a leading online exchange platform for physical bullion.

Kinesis offers the unique opportunity, not only to purchase gold cheaper than from any other bullion supplier, but to store that gold without charge and with accessibility as a usable currency or easy physical redemption, that has never been possible until now.

Are there expensive fees?

  • We charge a 0.45% flat transaction fee, regardless of the amount sent.
  • Buying and selling on the Exchange incurs a 0.22% execution fee
  • For withdrawals using ATMs there is a $0.50 fee
  • ZERO storage fees on any bullion holdings
  • Start to earn Kinesis Yields on your transactions and holdings through the Kinesis Yield System read more here